Hero Werkman

Hero dedicated his life to making horseshoes. He started working at the factory’s manufacturing department and together with the technical department he automated the largest part of the manufacturing process. Due to his efforts and dedication the entire manufacturing process of Werkman Horseshoes still takes place in Groningen, the Netherlands. Hero travelled the entire world to improve the marketing of our brand.

Christel Werkman

As a 4th generation, Christel has been involved in the family business for several years now. Building the company by shoeing a motivated team is a big passion. Christel also has met farriers in many countries and learns from it every time. Therefore, she is highly looking forward to speaking to many committed farriers during the Spring Games as well.

Reian Werkman

As long as he can remember, he has known he would start working for the Werkman Horsehoes family business. Making horseshoes with passionate farriers motivates him and by doing this, the business has brought him many new friends.

Visiting the Werkman distributors around the globe, visiting and organizing forging events and making a horseshoe at the anvil every now and then are his passions.

Mehmet Yazgönül

Having been born in Istanbul, having lived in Germany and having lived in the Netherlands for several years now has taught him to view the world from a different perspective. He is responsible for design and marketing at Werkman Horseshoes. Furthermore, he is our representative in Turkey and the Middle East. Check our Facebook page to see his work. Mehmet speaks Turkish, German, English and Dutch fluently.

Erik van Wijk

Erik has been part of the team for more than 20 years and therefore knows every farrier in the Netherlands on a personal level. Erik started out in manufacturing and has been responsible for the Netherlands and Belgium for more than 10 years now.

Geert Jan Staats

He has been employed with Werkman Horseshoes since December 2012. Together with Erik van Wijk he is responsible for the Dutch market. He is responsible for the shop, welcomes farriers and makes sure they can visit their next client equipped with the right horseshoes and tools.

Auke Waal

Auke represents Scandinavia and Iceland. Besides, he has been responsible for South Korea and Japan since this year. He regularly attends forging events, visits our distributors and is present at forging competitions in which he takes part, too. He has been working for Werkman Horseshoes for three years now and is making his way in the business.

Wijtske Kootstra
Marleen Tolsma
Ramon Bos
Wendy van der Veen
Frank van Sleen