About Werkman Spring Games

We hope to welcome you again to the Werkman Spring Games in Tolbert, the Netherlands, from 20 to 22 April 2017. There is no other event in the farrier world that combines knowledge sharing, transfer and a practical application with a forging competition to such a degree as the Werkman Spring Games.

The event is about:

  • Presentations of the latest scientific studies in our area of expertise
  • One of the largest international forging competitions in the world
  • Farriers share their experiences and studies with everyone present
  • A nice get-together, including a swinging evening program

The traditional Werkman Spring Games focuses on a high-quality program of lectures, which are given by speakers with proven track records in the world of hoof care, like:

  • Dr. Hans Castelijns (IT)
  • Drs. Meike van Heel (NL)
  • Simon Curtis (UK)
  • Marie Rhodin (SE)
  • Eize Stamhuis (NL)
  • Stephanie Werkman (NL)

Besides the lectures also demonstrations of various products will be given in the stands and you have also the opportunity to try their products. Every night there is live music so that besides the content also the atmosphere will ensure that you will have a memorable time with your fellow farriers